Closet Reveal!

When I woke up yesterday morning my closet floor was painted, the trim was up and caulked and all the walls were painted.  (You can catch up here and here) I got started right away putting together the bookcases and installing the clothing rods.


These bookcases are nothing fancy (and questionably sturdy) so I reinforced the outside with screws instead of trusting the locking cam contraptions that they came with and I also used the included anchor to attach it to the wall.

Once the bookcase was in I installed the clothing rod holder (I don’t really know what they’re called…)  I was originally going to do brackets with hooks on the end but these allowed me to install them at the exact depth I needed.


I put the second bookcase in and hung that rod and realized that I had room to hang one perpendicular to it.


I did that!  All by myself!  Sure I could have probably found something that turned the corner instead of overlapping them but having them cross doesn’t bother me.

I got everything installed yesterday and spent most of this morning putting stuff away and cleaning up the messes I created around the house when I cleaned this closet out.

Check it out:


Looking to the left in the closet you’ll see:

-a hook for me to plan outfits on (on there now is what I’m planning for my Christmas card photos!)

-a cabinet that was in my room but now holds extra bedding, perfume, lip gloss and misc make up

-my curtain rods turned scarf holder made it back up on the wall (after a new coat of paint)


-to the right is my bookcase full of shoes


and then

-more shoes



-boxes with wallets and Halloween costume stuff


and the wall on the right you’ll notice I added some expandable closet racks to give me a second tier for hanging clothes.

I know, my clothing situation is a little ridiculous.  That stack of jeans?  Don’t fit but they will!  I have problems.


I couldn’t resist putting up at least a few decorations in here!


I know I’ve only lived with this new set up for a day but it’s already so nice!  I can walk through without running into stuff and, most importantly, I can put things away easily.

While this looks like a million dollar makeover (ha!) here’s the breakdown of what I spent:


1. 2 bookcases from Big Lots ($23 each)

2. 2 glass candle holders turned bracelet bowls from Big Lots ($4.80 each)

3. 2 fabric storage boxes from Ross ($8.99 for both)

4. steel tub from Lowe’s ($14.97)


5. expandable closet organizer from Wal-Mart ($9.97 each)

6. clothing rod brackets ($2.99 each, 3 sets)

7. mending brackets to stabilize shelves ($1.97 each, I bought 4)

Not pictured is the

rug from Big Lots ($12)

big silver A from Ross, ($5.99)

I had caulk, paint, trim, boards for the shelves and the clothing rod on hand so my total for this project is:


When I first started planning this project I thought I would use a wire shelving system from IKEA.  Now I’m so glad that I didn’t!  That system would have cost me double, at least!

Today is laundry day so it will be the true test of how organized this closet really is!



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