Buried Treasure

Man, I had planned on posting yesterday but I was worn out!  I took the last 7 days off to work on my house and man I made the most of it!

Remember my adventures in fence building?  On Day Two we started digging holes and uncovered all kinds of treasures!

treasure 1


There’s still tons of coal in the ground (left over from the “coal chute days” as I say) and I couldn’t resit picking a few chunks out of the ground along with that piece of old pipe we found.  I think those scissors are fairly new, there’s not much rust and they still work pretty well.  The best finds though?  Those ink wells!

They were pretty dirty so I cleaned them out.  Initially I thought I would find that they weren’t really for ink



but my stained pinky finger convinced me that I had for-real ink wells on my hands.



I didn’t want to wash all the ink out so I cleaned them just enough to get the dirt off and then put them up on my picture ledge in the living room.



The coal went into a bowl and and went up onto the mantle.


on the other side of the mantle is a jar filled with all the old rusty hardware that came out when we tore down the sheds (they were gone by Week 6!)  Basically, that’s a big ol’ jar of tetanus.



Does everyone decorate with trash??  Is that weird?



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