DIY Dog Bow Tie

This weekend my good friend is taking some pictures of me and Henry for this year’s Christmas cards.  I’m sure some of you think it’s crazzzzzzy early to do this but the leaves on the trees are turning colors and they will make a much better back drop than bare branches and mud.  Which will probably be here next week at this rate.

I went to PetSmart this week in search of a doggie bow tie and found nothing.  So, I turned to Pinterest and used this to guide me.

First I picked some fabric


(I started this craft too late in the day and had to use my flash for these photos so the colors aren’t accurate.)   I cut two pieces of fabric-the large one was 26″x9.5″ and the smaller one was 26″x 2.5″.



Then I pulled out my glue gun and “hemmed” the edges of the smaller strip.



Then I folded each edge into the center so I had finished edges on both sides.



Then I “hemmed” up the larger piece



Then I folded the edges into the center again and held it with a dab of glue.



Check out how I matched up that plaid (totally by accident!)  Tim Gunn would be proud!



I folded the ends up to the center



and then folded it in half.



Then I centered the strip over the folded piece



and then double knotted it.  This fabric is upholstery fabric so I had to pull pretty tight.



I moved it around a little so the tie ran perpendicular to the bow tie.



He didn’t seem to care which I’ll take as a good sign!



And because I’m a crazy dog parent, check out how perfectly this matches the shirt I’m going to wear!

I’m sure everyone can’t wait to see this year’s pictures so tide you over, here are some I took last year.



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