Who Needs a Man?

Last night there was a freeze warning in my area.  This isn’t totally unexpected in Colorado in October.  I wasn’t too concerned as I had turned on my furnace last week and it worked so I thought I’d be fine.

I’m sure most people don’t worry about whether their furnace will work or not.  Let me show you why I felt the need to test it:



When I bought my house I had everything inspected, obviously, and part of that was running a camera into the fire box of this ancient furnace to make sure there were no cracks.  While my plumber would have preferred I replace the thing, a new gas valve was all it needed so I didn’t even consider replacing it.

Last night I was in bed watching Cutthroat Kitchen (so mean but so good!) and listening to the rain.  When I fast forwarded through the first set of commercials I realized my house was quiet.  My house is never quiet.  That beast up there is a constant rumble from the basement, well, it was until last night.

I went downstairs and pulled off the front covers



and what??  Look at all those spider webs.  Gross.  The pilot light went out once last year and my dad light it with no problems so I was hoping that at 10:00 last night I’d remember what he did and be able to do it myself.  Ummmm, no.

My dad’s on the other side of the country so I couldn’t call him last night so I crossed my fingers and went to bed.  When I woke up this morning my house was still in the high 50s (thankfully!) and Henry, Prudie and I survived our night without heat.  You may recall that I like to keep my house cool so I wasn’t worried about me, but my pipes were a different story.  While I’m glad that everyone and everything made it though the night warm and intact, I knew I couldn’t risk waiting until my dad gets back at the end of the week.

So, with him on the phone I flipped the breaker, hit the ignition switch and lit it.  For real, I totally lit my pilot light this morning.  The big guy fired up and the constant rumble is back.  Whew!

As a single lady I’ve learned to do a lot of things on my own (and with my dad as back up!) but it was really exciting to know that no matter when this light goes out again, I can light it.

I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’m keeping this furnace instead of replacing it.  It will be replaced at some point, I just haven’t decided what to replace it with.  My house doesn’t have air conditioning, which I really only miss in July and August, but if I’m going to be dropping a chunk of change, I’d like to add a cooling feature.  Also, there are no vents in either bathroom or the laundry room so right now I’m looking at ductless systems.  This way my old floors and walls can remain intact and I won’t have to worry about my house being torn up.

So, when the time comes that this beast is replaced, I’ll surely show you the process I used to choose a replacement for the big green beast!


PS-don’t worry, I’m vacuuming out those cobwebs and replacing that filter ASAP!


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