Drop Cloth Bedskirt

Did you know that I love drop cloths?  It started out as just flirting and then progressed to dating.  Then things got serious.  Today though, change my Facebook status cause it’s a full on relationship now!



I bought another one of these when I was out shopping for stuff for my closet and washed it, folded it and set it on my table.



I picked these up last week and finally got around to making the bed skirt



When I took the old bed shirt off I realized it’s actually pretty nice, it just doesn’t work in here.



I measured from the floor to the top of the box spring and found that I needed 15″.  To give me enough fabric to solidly attach it I measured up 18″ from the hemmed edge



I measured all the way down the long edge and then up from the bottom edge and cut out the middle.



Then I attached the two long sides to the box spring and messed with the fabric at the foot of the bed.  I liked this little fold over and spent about 20 mins pulling, adjusting and repinning everything until I got it where I liked it.



And then I made the bed!  I love, love, love it!



I didn’t iron it or sew anything-I measured, cut and pinned and I have a clean, frill free bed skirt!



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