Getting Ready for Winter

You may remember that I (we) built a fence in my backyard.  You may also remember that my backyard was much less “yard” and much more “dirt with lots of weeds.”

But now?  Now it’s just “dirt.”  My mom spent a couple days this week digging it up and leveling it to prepare it for seed and I spent a morning filling in those gaps at the end of each fence panel.



I didn’t do anything fancy, just took a bunch of the flat stones I’ve had floating around my yard and stacked them up.  I’m not worried that there’s still a small gap-I just wanted to cover the dirt so Henry wouldn’t be tempted to dig underneath it.





That far corner was by far the worst so it took some bigger rocks.



It’s kind of decorative but mostly functional.  I’m thinking of planting some irises that my mother gifted me around each grouping of rocks to make it look more “rock gardeny.”  Next spring I’ll put in a couple of lilacs across the back too.



Then, I figured while I was out there, I might as well fix some stuff that had been bothering me.  Now that the far corner of my yard has been reclaimed I decided to move my shovel/rake/junk holder out of view from the backyard



and I dug up my “garden”



I GREW FOOD!  Okay, not much, but would anyone care for a carrot and onion salad?  It’s organic!  No?  Ok.



When I dismantled the garden beds I found a log with tons of slugs underneath it.  They’re kinda gross.



And finally, about a week ago, before I took out the air conditioner, I threw down some grass seed in the side yard (and it’s GROWING!)

There’s still a little yard left to dig and weed and then the whole back will get covered in grass seed.  And then lots of snow.



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