Not How You’re Supposed To Do It

So far in my series on drop cloths (not originally intended to be a series!) I’ve made curtains, pillowcases, an accent pillow, and a bed skirt.

I had still more fabric left over after the bed skirt project so I decided to cover the ottoman that has been sitting in my guest room since April.



I took the legs off and lopped off a chunk of the drop cloth that I had left over.  (PS, that section on the right?  I see another project on my horizon!)



I couldn’t leave it plain so I stenciled on a quick little design.  Originally I was going to alternate arrows in the teal (wall color) and white.  But I was talking on the phone while painting this and messed up.



I took a step back from it and realized I didn’t like them all one color so I painted over some of the teal ones with my white paint.



Once it was dry I flipped it over on top of this (gifted to be by a friend who was moving)




and stapled around.  I was originally going to use legit staples but didn’t have the right size and was impatient.  So I used my desk stapler.  Hence the title-this is not how you’re supposed to do this!

Once the batting was pulled tight and stapled all around I laid it on top of my stenciled drop cloth



pulled it tight and stapled that down too.



I went easy on the corners and just pulled them up, pulled them tight and stapled them down.



I made sure not to cover any of the holes that I would need to reattach the legs but did make sure some of the fabric was sandwiched between the leg and the bottom of the ottoman for just a little more security.


I’m sure you’re thinking that I made a huge mistake-but I didn’t!  Just look!



At first I didn’t like that you could see the teal lines on the edges of the arrows I had to paint over but from a distance, you don’t even notice them!





stool12The nice thing about using those dinky desk staples it that they should pull away pretty easily for when I want to A) do it the right way or B) switch out the fabric.






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