I’m back! With Another Wreath!

But this ones is alive!  And it’s a square!  Not like this corn husk one or this olive one or this one I made from a garland or this paper one.  Turns out I really like making wreaths…



While I was at the grocery store this morning I found these.  I’ve never heard of cotinus but the price was right at $1.99 for 5 stems.  The leaves are sturdy and waxy so I hope it holds up once it’s in wreath form.



I started out cutting the first bundle into shorter lengths



and stacking them end to end.  I alternated the ends at each corner so all the woodsy stems wouldn’t be on top of each other and then held them together with some floral wire.



I wasn’t sure how many layers I was going to do (like usual, I didn’t plan any of this out.)  I wanted it to be fuller than this (1 layer)



but I liked the look of two layers.



Then I pulled some thick satiny ribbon from my stash and put a loop at the two top corners.





Look at those colors!



I have no idea how these will dry.  The leaves could all fall off leaving me with a square stick wreath, which would be sad.  BUT, if it dries well I think I’ll give it a dusting of gold spray paint and figure out a way to pack it away for next fall!



Since I only used two packages I stuck the last 5 stems into a vase and put it on my mantle.  I’m finding that I really love the look of something tall and green up there-if I’m lucky they’ll last!


PS-sorry for my absence!  I had some technical difficulties which kept me from posting but I’ve been busy, busy so I have a lot more to show you!






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