Patio Party Lights Part Two

Way back in September I hung some Christmas Lights over my patio.  Remember?  I knew way back then that I wanted to replace them with beefier lights and I finally got around to it!

Of course, because I’m me, I did this project on the cheap and, surprise-there was a problem.


After Christmas last year I bought two boxes of these LED C9 lights.  I thought I would use them on the front of the house but I realized that they would be perfect out here.  Sure, cute little round party lights would be nice too, but those things are freaking expensive!

I knew the two boxes I had wouldn’t be enough and when I found the (or so I thought) same lights there for $7.99 a box, I picked up three.



Much better, right?  I still need an outdoor extension cord but I’m being picky.  I looked at Harbor Freight this morning and the shortest one they had was blaze orange.  Not the look I’m going for.  It is too much to ask to find a 12 ft WHITE cord??



This brings us to problem #1 (or #2 if you count the extension cord.)  Not enough lights.  So, here this one dangles until I pick up more.



and problem #3/4?  Two different colors of lights!  Dang it!  The ones I bought last year have a blue tint to them whereas the ones from Target are yellow.  Obviously, I’m going with the yellow ones.  So, in addition to a 12 ft white, outdoor extension cord, I need to buy 3 more strings of lights.  Sigh.



But, if you sit in the right spot and look up and drink enough wine, this project is perfect!



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