Testing It Out

My fridge has looked like this



since it got pushed into place.

I’ve always wanted a wine rack/shelf combo up above it but that’s too advanced for my (no) construction skills.

When I redid my closet I no longer needed this.


I originally thought I’d just sell it but then I had an idea



I don’t love it.

Will be taking the doors off the cupboards above refrigerator to make room for wine and extra cookbooks!  Great use of space!

That up there?  That’s what I want.  (from here.)  But I can’t have it yet so I’m living with this.



The things about this that I do like:

  • Stuff doesn’t just look thrown up there anymore
  • I get to display some of my favorite things
  • My cookbooks are actually in the kitchen now
  • It fills up all that empty space



That corn dish is one of my favorite things in my house.  I remember going to my Grandpa Sid’s house as a kid and devouring the corn relish that he filled this dish with.  When I was unpacking boxes I found a letter he had written me when I was still a baby and on the back was his recipe for that relish.  The dish was broken at some point in it’s long life so it can no longer hold food but it can still sit on a shelf and look pretty. 🙂

Hopefully soon I’ll get the help (and skills) needed to build that dream wine rack-and be sure I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!




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