Colorado National Monument

Despite living within driving distance of this place for most of my life, I made my first trip to the Colorado National Monument last week.  A friend was visiting from out of state and, I assume, everyone from outside of Colorado only comes to Colorado to see mountains.

I’m not very outdoorsy.  I know, a Colorado girl who doesn’t hike.  We drove the 23 mile road all the way around the park and stopped at various pull offs to take pictures.  Some of these spots required a little hiking but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t do in flip flops!


The most amazing part of this park (I think) is that the road and tunnels were built almost entirely by hand.



I love that tiny little lone tree up there.  Okay, it’s not tiny or little, it was really far away.


We didn’t stop at the Visitor’s Center when we entered the park (we should have) so we didn’t know the names of the formations were were looking at.  As we were looking at this one I insisted that it looked like hands.  Turns out I was right, the name of this formation is, wait for it, Praying Hands.


Balancing Rock


Those cut outs!


I fell in love with Junipers at this place!  It seemed like everywhere we went we came across at least one that was growing through a rock.


We had a perfect Colorado Fall Day that was cool enough for jeans and a sweater but warm enough for flip flops!

Come visit me!  Now that I know my way around I’ll take you!




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