*edited to add that my dad is letting me borrow his camera until I can get a new one.  Thanks dad!*

If it’s not one thing, it’s a broken camera.

I’ve been using a little Canon PowerShot that I got years ago for Christmas and I liked it.  Sure it wasn’t fancy and it didn’t take amazing photos but it was easy to throw into my purse and take it everywhere.  And it was indestructible.  Was.

It’s been dropped more times than I can count and it survived the beaches in Kauai, several snowstorms and moves and dust from drywall and construction work in my house.  What it couldn’t survive though?  Being dropped on my wood floor with the lens open.

So, now I have no camera (but hopefully Black Friday will come through for me!) and I’m on the market for a “real” camera.  I’d love some suggestions!

I spent all morning trying to get pictures off of my phone in hopes that I can use that in the meantime but, for some reason, it’ll only transfer my Instagram photos so that’s what you get today!







What a sunset huh?



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