Things To Do

Now that it’s cold outside I can forget about all the stuff still to be done outside and focus on stuff still to be done inside.

Here’s my list of things I want to do:



We took that door out of the guest room early on and it (and it’s twin) have been sitting in my basement ever since.  I would love to have a piece of glass put in that top section and put



in the open doorway between the kitchen and laundry room.  There’s no heat in my laundry room and the entrance to the basement is open and it’s always a good 5-10 degrees colder than the rest of the house.  I would like to have this door up to keep some of that cold air out and also hide some of the laundry room clutter that is always there.  It would also be nice to be able to contain Henry when I have people over or when he’s soaking wet from snow or he’s a muddy mess from my backyard.  However, I understand that this may not work.  I won’t do this if closing it off could cause my pipes to freeze.

The second project I’d like to tackle is my fireplace.  By fireplace I mean, hole in the wall in my living room.



Okay, you’re right.  It doesn’t look like that anymore.  But remember when it did??



Yes, that’s more like it.

It’s already wired for a gas insert so all I need to do is buy one and slide it in.  I’ve begun my search for an insert that I like and I’ve started a board on Pinterest for ideas for the hearth.  I still have a pile of old bricks that I would like replace those tiles with and I would love an even chunkier mantle.  My goal is to have this project done this winter.  It’s been coollllldddd!

Finally, the basement.

basement7I’m not changing a thing down here!



It’s perfect!



Okay, it’s not.  It’s a disaster that I pretend does not exist most of the time.  This is really going to be a lot of cleaning with a smallish construction project mixed in.  Again, I’ve been pinning away and gathering ideas for a wall of shelves to organize all those bins.

My mom and I will probably start this project soon because it’s driving me absolutely crazy!

Mixed into all of this will be putting in baseboards, coming up with a plan for the bathroom and maybe painting something.  (Is it too early to start redecorating??)







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