The Basement-Phase I

My mom and I did something major today.  Something I’ve been putting off for months because I thought it was going to be so bad.

Do you remember this?  Yeah, that was in freaking February and we finally cleaned it today.  Yes, almost a year later.

I’m going to show you pictures but, just to warn you, they’re all from my cell phone.  Yes, I’m borrowing my dad’s digital camera but the battery is dead and I don’t have the cord to charge it until between November 26 and December 2, according to the person I bought a new cord from on Amazon.



My original plan for today was to put plastic up over the holes in the drywall but the stuff I bought was too flimsy so I scrapped that plan.  I want to gather a list of plumbing and electrical work I still want to do and get some people in to get those projects done.  Once that happens I’ll put drywall up over the whole ceiling.



I did vacuum up all the spider webs (and spiders!) that I saw so right now I’m not as worried about spiders falling on my head while I’m down there.



So, as you can see, I have sections of ceiling with broken up drywall, some with no drywall and some completely finished.  For now.



There’s really only two sets of shelves down here.  This wide one and this



this much more narrow shelves.  The paint and supplies all got moved over here where it fits perfectly.

basement7I’m thinking I’m going to paint that shelf white so it looks bright and clean.  I also really want some label holders to put on all the shelves down here.  Because they’re pretty and will make me feel more organized!

You can also see that I have finally hung my chandeliers!  Kind of.  Now they’re up off the floor and waiting for someone to come hang them upstairs!



*note, I did not mind my head.  I hit it.  Twice.

Four hours ago you couldn’t see the floor in my basement and now that’s all you see!



That back wall will get a shelving unit to hold all those bins and all my yard sale stuff got piled up in the opposite corner.

Amazingly, this project only took us 2 hours!  We filled the back of my mom’s car with cardboard and I don’t know how much trash we hauled out of here!  Now I just have to keep it clean…




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