It Has Begun

I know, I know.  It’s not Thanksgiving yet!  Christmas is still more than a month away!

I know, I just don’t care. 😉

I’m hosting a Pinterest Party Gift Exchange (those details coming soon) the first weekend in December so I’m trying to get a jump start on decorating.  I had a tree last year but didn’t really go decorating crazy but this year, it’s on!

I’m trying to DIY the majority of my decorations and here’s what I’ve put up so far:



Yeah….another wreath.  It’s coffee filters and silver spray paint.  I’m still relying on crappy cell phone pics so sorry that it’s so hard to see.



I got three bags of pine cones for $3 so I’ve spread them throughout the house.  Some are in this vase in the entryway.



I bought two of those giant pine cones at the grocery store last year for $1 each and I plopped one into this basket on the dresser in my living room.



And the other one went on the buffet in my kitchen



Finally (for now) I strung the last of the pine cones on some twine and hung it above my fireplace.  This was super easy (I’m sure you’ve seen a million pins by now!)-all I did was screw some eye hooks in the bottom of some of the pine cones and string them up.

I got the menorah at Bed, Bath and Beyond last year and finally found the right sized candles at Target.  Who knew??

Hopefully by the time I’m ready to do another decorating update I’ll have a real camera and be able to show you better pictures!



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