Thanksgiving Recap

The good news is the charging cord came for my dad’s camera so my next post will have real pictures again!

The bad news is I didn’t have it over Thanksgiving so this post is full of crappy cell phone pictures.



My Thanksgiving started with being packed into the back of the car and sandwiched between bedding, food, luggage and dogs.  This trip taught me that Henry is not a good traveler.  He whined and could not get comfortable which meant that I could not get comfortable which meant it was a looooooong ride!







But then we made it to Denver



and I learned that I have a new favorite beer.  Holy moly, try this.



My contribution to dinner were sweet potato pies and a cheese plate.  I didn’t get pictures of either of those-just the little muffins I made with the extra filling.

My photos of the weekend end there and don’t resume until I got home Friday night:



My tree is decorated and in person it’s not blurry at all. 😉



Henry was so happy to be home that he didn’t leave my bed for hours.

It was a great weekend and an awesome Thanksgiving hosted by my bother and his girlfriend.



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