Happy New Year!

new year




Cranberry Orange Scones

For First Christmas this year at my house I made breakfast.  My dad and I are happy with eggs and sausage but my brother doesn’t eat eggs (although he’s the egg cook) and my mom’s not a heavy breakfast kind of person so I wanted to make something that I knew my mom and brother would like.

I found this recipe and decided to go for it.



I chose this recipe because it called for fresh cranberries rather than crasins and I’m glad I did.  The fresh cranberries were a little tart (which you need with all that sugar and cream) and I think they kept the scones really moist.

scones2(side note: I’m going to be cleaning flour out of those grout lines for months)

I didn’t get many pictures of the process as I was working alone and had to keep cleaning off my hands to pick up the camera.



Look at all those cranberries!



While the scones were baking I made the glaze.  The scones have orange rind in them but no juice, so I juiced the orange and added it to the glaze.  Cream, sugar, vanilla and orange juice can’t be bad, right?

As a testament to how good these scones are, I got no pictures of the finished products.  I thought we’d eat a few and then I’d take pictures of the remaining ones.  That didn’t happen.  I think there were two left by that afternoon and my brother and I ate them.  So you’ll just have to believe me, they’re delicious and so easy to make!


Kitchen Hardware, Revisted

Waaaaay back in August I replaced the hardware on my kitchen cabinets.

Well, most of them.

The cabinets around my stove have sat, partially done until today.  See, I got the knobs on, no problem, but the pulls proved more complicated.

k1I tried to install them.  Really.  But I screwed up the first one and it has sat like this for the last 5 months.  See, I measured between the two posts, not accounting for where the hole actually was, so they were too far apart.


I tried to fix it by making one of the holes bigger.  It didn’t work.


I got so frustrated with this that I threw the other pull, the screws and the screwdriver in this drawer and walked away.  Luckily for me, everything I needed was right here when I was ready to tackle this project today!


So, to take the guess (and measuring) out, I squirted some craft paint onto a plate


and dipped each post


and then pressed it on the drawer front and drilled a hole where the paint was.  (Yes, I did have a drawer full of bands and lids for mason jars.)


This method worked like a charm!  The first one went up in seconds!


The second side was a little harder.  (Does anyone else see the angry face in this drawer front??)

I didn’t want a huge, gaping hole on both sides so I lined the left hand side up with the not screwed up hole and then just made the hole on the right bigger.


In person (not just in my bad, blurry photos) you can barely tell!


Why didn’t I do this sooner??  I’ve decided that 2015 will be the year of finishing things.  The floors, the baseboards, the fireplace….I have a lot of things that are thisclose to being finished (okay, not the floors, but I think refinishing them counts!), now I just need to take the time to do it!


PS-I still haven’t mastered this way-too-fancy-for-me camera, please bear with me!

Christmas #106

My house’s 106th Christmas was perfect!  I got my decorating act together (unlike last year,) and we spent the day together as a family (dogs included!)  After two delicious meals and an early morning, I was ready for bed by 6 PM!

christmasCranberry orange scones (recipe coming later,) breakfast at my house, presents, snow storm, teaching Henry how to catch a frisbee.

Followed by 2nd Christmas at my parent’s house where I received a vacuum to tackle my Henry hair problem and a saw.  For reals.  A saw.  The project possibilities are endless now!



While at my parents’ house today I found these three gems on their Christmas tree.  Thanks elementary school teachers for having us make these.  I’m so glad my 4th grade mullet picture is still hanging tough 25 years later!


Christmas Card 2014

Last year I thought I was going to do Christmas cards.  Awesome ones in my new house with both of my pets.  It didn’t work.

This year I got my act together early and a friend and I (and Henry) went out and took pictures in the fall.

She gave me a disc with tons of pictures, but here are my favorites:

christmas card


I picked my favorite and made a postcard on Invite Shop




What a handsome boy!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve!



Flashback to: December 23, 2013

At this time last year my laundry room was still tan.  And dark.  And didn’t have a washer or dryer.  And it only had one door.  And it had a rickety half wall.

The day after I made those plans we got started.

And today it looks like this:



Cream walls and a mint ceiling.  And trim up around BOTH doors.



A bookshelf instead of a rickety wall and a washer and dryer.



A place to store clothes and cat food



And a pretty place to put all my small tools (and junk(



And a place for Henry to eat.

The only thing I didn’t do is make a bench for my recycling bins.  While I would still like a bench in here, I’ve found a better place for the bins:




I still want to fix those pendant lights and put in baseboards and put in tile on the floor but I can certainly live with it like this!


One of Those Days

This morning I though I’d finish up cleaning and preparing for my brother to come on Wednesday.  I dusted and then vacuumed.  No I didn’t, I dusted and then spent THREE HOURS trying to get my vacuum to work.  Henry’s fur is long and my vacuum is was cheap and so I had to stop every couple of swipes to clean fur balls from the tubes.  This drove me insane so I resorted to using the Shop Vac while on my hands and knees since I didn’t have the right attachments.

While in my own little world close to the ground, unbeknownst to me, the Shop Vac was spraying dust out it’s back end.  Of course I had it placed in a way that it covered not only a large portion of my living room but also into my kitchen, shooting dust all over every surface I had already dusted and all the clean dishes I had in my drying rack.  Yeah, not my day.

Long story short, I broke my vacuum but my mother came over with the right attachment for the Shop Vac so I was able to vacuum standing up.

For anyone interested, the Shop Vac has enough suction but I found the best way to get up all the dog hair was for me to brush the rug (with Henry’s brush) while my mom vacuumed up the loose hair.  It wasn’t fun and by the end of the day my house was dirtier than when I started.

So, because I don’t have any awesome project to share with you, here are some pictures of my cat (and my cluttered desk):

prudie3Do you see her?  I love this new sleeping spot she’s got.