What I’ve Been Up To

I have a million projects in various stages all around my house and since none of them are done yet I thought I would show you what’s in the works.



Something about the cold weather makes me what to knit and crochet.  A lot.  I have more scarves and cowls that I need so I’m thinking about selling them.  Etsy?  Shopify?  Any recommendations?


Now that my basement is organized I have a plan and a place for storing all my wreaths which I hope to show you soon!


I’m hosting a Pinterest Party this Sunday and I was looking for a project that would be A) quick and B) a decoration that can be used all year long.  I saw this post for DIY frosted glass hurricanes on The Cavender Diary and thought they would be perfect!  I made a tester tonight to make sure that it worked and it did!  I’m in love with it!


I’ve had a chair in my basement for months and finally hauled it upstairs to start refinishing it.

I hope to post the finished projects (and Pinterest Party) this week and then start in on the next round of things to do (hanging outside lights, take down the shade cloth, finish Christmas shopping…)

Now that I’ve got a real camera again I should be able to get back to my routine of posting 5 days a week.  Thanks to everyone who is still reading!



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