Christmas Thrift

I spent yesterday morning moving my tree.



I thought it would be pretty in front of the window.  Side note: if you look closely you can see that I still haven’t taken the shade cloth down.  Normally that would be a problem since it’s December in Colorado but if you look again, you’ll see we have NO SNOW.  

Anyways, back to the tree.  I pictured driving up to my house at night and seeing my pretty twinkly tree so, instead of cleaning or doing laundry or finishing my Christmas shopping I moved the tree.  Then I talked to my mom and told her that I had seen a giant tree at the thrift store for $30 and wondered out loud if I should have bought it when I saw it.  She said yes.  So, to the thrift store I went.

Now, in my small town there aren’t many thrifting options so my hopes were not high that it would still be there but I went out to see.

Much to my surprise it was there, out in front of the store with a big green price tag on it.  I went up to the counter and said I wanted to buy it.  The nice lady behind the counter said a man had just been in and said he was going “to be right back” to buy it.  The clerk said that she wasn’t going to hold it for him so I swiped it right out from under him.  Another side note: if you are this person in my tiny town, I’m sorry. Ummm, a little.  

It’s big.  Big big.  Much bigger than my little $20 tree from last year.  I figured that I’ve fit way bigger things in my car before.






(not the champagne, the dresser.)

But you know what was hard to get into my car?  A Christmas tree.

This is what it looked like by the time I got it inside:



That’s right, $30 for an 8 foot tree.  Boom!  Sure, I could have left it a Christmas palm tree but then what would I do with the piles of branches?  For storage sake I put them on.

It took me hours.  H O U R S.  I’m a smart girl.  I have a college degree and street smarts (well, kinda) but this tree challenged me.

You see, the color coding on the branches was worn off of most of them.  So I had to compare each.branch to get them in the right size piles.

And then I realized that I needed a lot more lights.  Not only is this tree (at least) two feet taller than my old one, it’s also approximately 100989% bigger around.  300 lights wasn’t cutting it.  So after work last night I went to Wal-Mart (they really should pay me for as much as I plug them!) and got more lights.

There are 900 lights on my tree and I think next year I’m going to put another 100 on.  1000 lights sounds much better than 900.



See?  BIG tree!  I’m sure you’re wondering why I put it back in the corner instead of leaving it in front of the window.

Here’s why:



He loves to look out the front window, which I appreciate because he alerts me to cats in the yard.  Love that Henry, he keeps me so safe!  The tiny tree?  He wouldn’t have messed with it.  The giant tree?  That thing would be flat on the floor as soon as the neighbor’s cat ran across the street.  So, back to the corner it went.

So, again, instead of preparing my house for my party on Sunday, I spent my morning decorating my tree and I’m absolutely thrilled!



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