DIY Christmas Decorations

I have really enjoyed decorating my house for Christmas this year mostly because I’ve made everything.  I knew I was going to decorate on the cheap because, well, I’m cheap, but also because I just really love making things.

My first project was this pine cone garland


and then this coffee filter wreath


Then when I was unpacking last year’s Christmas stuff I found this thin, wired silver garland.  So, naturally, I made a wreath.


It’s pretty small so I hung it over the mirror on the medicine cabinet in the hall bathroom.


While my mom and I were cleaning out the basement we discovered that I have a lot of paint stir sticks.  So, like any other wreath obsessed crafter, I made a wreath.

Or 3.

One got wrapped in twine and hung from the mirror in the entry way.  (side note-who invented this trend of wreaths over mirrors?  Cause they’re a g e n i u s!)

I wrapped a second one in some cheap silver tinsel and hung it in the window in my kitchen and the third one was wrapped in a much fluffier (DOLLAR STORE!) tinsel and hung (also over a mirror) in the living room.  That one is my favorite.


I had a little bit of drop cloth left over so I painted this little deer on a piece and stuffed it (not enough) and sewed it up and put it on a chair by the front door.


I did use some store bought silver balls on the tree but most of the ornaments were handmade.  Foam balls wrapped in white yarn and twine are mixed in with clear ornaments I filled with silver glitter.



I don’t have a live tree (too messy!) but my brother and parents do so I took the little slivers of wood that they cut off the bottoms of their trees.  One already had a hole in it so I drilled a hole in the second one, added some letter stickers and strung them up with ribbon.  I hung them from the glass door between my entryway and living room.

I’m finally out of ideas (and space) so I think I’m done decorating.  For this year.  The best part of doing all this on the cheap is that when I want to get rid of the rustic elements (twine, wood and pine cones) I don’t have to feel bad for switching them out for something new.  That I’ll also probably make on the cheap!



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