Craft Table Makeover

I’ve had a table in my living room for months.  You’ve seen it in my posts about parties, craft projects and in the background in pictures of my living room.

It started out as a plain round table that I got from a thrift store for, I think, $10.  My mom painted the top white and I originally thought I’d keep it in my kitchen but found that it makes better sense in my living room.



Look familiar?



That’s paint from my drop cloth covered ottoman, frames that stayed up for about one minute, and my quick little drop cloth pillow.  Obviously I didn’t care about protecting this table top.



Today at work it occurred to me that I don’t have a nice place to have people over to just eat.  The table is fine, just not pretty and I don’t own a table cloth big enough to cover it.  So I painted it English Tea Party brown (Valspar.)  Up there, that’s coat one.  I didn’t want to do any sanding so I just peeled up the hot glue spots and decided I’d just use really thin layers of paint.



A storm was looming and I got to watch it roll in as I was working on this project.



Coat two



By the time I was painting coat 3, the rain was really coming down!




Three coats (with a few touch ups on the low spots) was all it took!




(darkness fell by the time I was done so I had to use the flash)  The beauty of thin coats was that the whole project, from start to finish only took a couple of hours because everything dried so fast.

Now I just need to remember to cover the table before I start crafting so I don’t ruin it!




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