In The Works

This house has come a long way.  I know that.  But lately I keep seeing all the stuff I still want to do.





Nooo, not vacuuming!  The fireplace.  Namely, I need one.  I’ve been doing a lot of research and I think I’ve found the one I want, now I just need to buy it.  And then install it.  And then redo the hearth.  I really hate those tiles and I drool over exposed brick in every episode of Rehab Addict and Love it or List it so I’m hoping to reuse the old bricks for this project.



Henry just found out I’m taking away his favorite sleeping place.  Poor guy.



Next I want to replace all these doors.  I hate that hole in my bedroom door and I REALLY hate those brass door knobs.



The bathroom.  More than anything else in this house I hate, hate HATE this shower.  That gap at the end is gross and shows 3 different paint colors.  And I don’t like how the paint is wearing in here.  There’s no way water is getting up there and yet it’s all streaky and weird.  After the fireplace, the next chunk of money I’m going to be spending is on tile so I can tear out this shower surround



and repaint.  I know, it’s crazy.  I’m loving these purpley greys from Valspar (Rising Star and Starlight) but I may go with an old standby and paint it Bay Waves.

project9I want to put shelves up here and take out this flimsy set.



And finally, no, not mopping.  Refinishing the floors in the kitchen and living room.  Seriously.  We’re tackling this in the next couple of weeks.  I can’t wait.



This burn in the kitchen is bad.  I’m hoping a darker stain will make it less noticeable (along with various water stains in both rooms) and make it all shinier.  I’m planning a two step approach to these floors beginning with a chemical stripper.  I would like to get all the layers of wax, cleaners, varnish, carpet glue, etc off before I start sanding.  And then a nice dark stain (and baseboards!!) will finish it up.

Sure, the shelves and doors will be quicker but I think having shiny floors (with baseboards!!) will make my house look 1000% better!



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