Bathroom Inspiration

I love every room in my house.  Except the hall bathroom.  I’ve been thinking and pinning and googling and kept going back and forth on paint colors.

I thought about a tan (maybe the same color that’s in my living room??)



Or maybe light grey (like the entryway)



Sure, both would be nice but I kept coming back to a light purpley gray.  I’m not usually a purple person so I want this to be more grey than the purple that was here when I moved in:





The universe must be on board with my idea because I keep seeing soothing, purple greys everywhere.  You know what convinced me though?  A scary movie.  Sinister is scary.  At least I think it is, I didn’t actually see the whole movie.  Some clients at work were watching it last week and I went into the room at a moment when they were showing a bedroom.  With beautiful purpley grey paint.  I searched and searched for a picture on line but couldn’t find a good one so you’ll have to watch the movie to see what I’m talking about.  No, don’t watch it, just stay tuned for my repainted bathroom 😉



In my searches I pinned all of these colors.  None of them are what I want.  The top row is too much.  Too purple and too pink.  The middle row is oooookkkkkaaayyy but not it.  The bottom row is too light.  Call me Goldilocks.

Looks like I need to spend some time with some paint chips and some sample pots of paint to narrow this down.  Luckily, the floors are my first priority so I have some time to find the perfect paint color!



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