I Like Winter When:

1.  the snow covers the mud pit backyard.



I know once all that melts (could be tomorrow with all the rain in the forecast) it’ll be worse but for tonight, it’s pretty white fluffy snow.

2.  my furnace works.



It’s been working like a champ since I had it fixed last month but I always get a little nervous when the temperature outside drops and I wait to hear it rumble on and kneel down on the floor by the vents to wait for the hot air to kick on.  I’m relieved every.single.time I feel it.  (ugh, I need some touch up paint around the thermostat.)

3. I have nowhere to go.



I love my house and I love being here and there’s nothing better than sitting on the couch in my comfy socks, making a blanket, smelling my fire roasted marshmallow candle (seriously, it’s the best holiday scent!) and watching old episodes of Scandal.

4.  it makes my dog do this:



(I’m holding a snowball in this picture)

and then this:



5.  I get glimpses of Spring.



These are the geraniums that were in the big pots on my tree lawn.   My mom moved them into a pot inside and they’ve been in front of a window and have gotten very little attention from me.  Apparently that’s a good thing cause look at this guy go!

I have a much longer list of things I don’t love about winter (driving, the bottoms of my pant legs always being wet, Henry’s footprints covering my freshly cleaned floors, etc) but today I’m looking on the bright side!





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