One of Those Days

This morning I though I’d finish up cleaning and preparing for my brother to come on Wednesday.  I dusted and then vacuumed.  No I didn’t, I dusted and then spent THREE HOURS trying to get my vacuum to work.  Henry’s fur is long and my vacuum is was cheap and so I had to stop every couple of swipes to clean fur balls from the tubes.  This drove me insane so I resorted to using the Shop Vac while on my hands and knees since I didn’t have the right attachments.

While in my own little world close to the ground, unbeknownst to me, the Shop Vac was spraying dust out it’s back end.  Of course I had it placed in a way that it covered not only a large portion of my living room but also into my kitchen, shooting dust all over every surface I had already dusted and all the clean dishes I had in my drying rack.  Yeah, not my day.

Long story short, I broke my vacuum but my mother came over with the right attachment for the Shop Vac so I was able to vacuum standing up.

For anyone interested, the Shop Vac has enough suction but I found the best way to get up all the dog hair was for me to brush the rug (with Henry’s brush) while my mom vacuumed up the loose hair.  It wasn’t fun and by the end of the day my house was dirtier than when I started.

So, because I don’t have any awesome project to share with you, here are some pictures of my cat (and my cluttered desk):

prudie3Do you see her?  I love this new sleeping spot she’s got.




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