Kitchen Hardware, Revisted

Waaaaay back in August I replaced the hardware on my kitchen cabinets.

Well, most of them.

The cabinets around my stove have sat, partially done until today.  See, I got the knobs on, no problem, but the pulls proved more complicated.

k1I tried to install them.  Really.  But I screwed up the first one and it has sat like this for the last 5 months.  See, I measured between the two posts, not accounting for where the hole actually was, so they were too far apart.


I tried to fix it by making one of the holes bigger.  It didn’t work.


I got so frustrated with this that I threw the other pull, the screws and the screwdriver in this drawer and walked away.  Luckily for me, everything I needed was right here when I was ready to tackle this project today!


So, to take the guess (and measuring) out, I squirted some craft paint onto a plate


and dipped each post


and then pressed it on the drawer front and drilled a hole where the paint was.  (Yes, I did have a drawer full of bands and lids for mason jars.)


This method worked like a charm!  The first one went up in seconds!


The second side was a little harder.  (Does anyone else see the angry face in this drawer front??)

I didn’t want a huge, gaping hole on both sides so I lined the left hand side up with the not screwed up hole and then just made the hole on the right bigger.


In person (not just in my bad, blurry photos) you can barely tell!


Why didn’t I do this sooner??  I’ve decided that 2015 will be the year of finishing things.  The floors, the baseboards, the fireplace….I have a lot of things that are thisclose to being finished (okay, not the floors, but I think refinishing them counts!), now I just need to take the time to do it!


PS-I still haven’t mastered this way-too-fancy-for-me camera, please bear with me!


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