Finally Framed

My brother and his girlfriend gave me an awesome poster for Christmas.

It’s humongous-27″x39″.  I searched online for a frame that big but the ones that weren’t outrageously expensive had crazy expensive shipping.  So today I finally found one at Hobby Lobby:

Even Prudie loves it!




I’ve already learned 100% more about vegetables.  Plus it’s really pretty.

frame5Obviously it was going to go up in my kitchen and I knew exactly where:






I don’t think I can tell you how much I love this!

(that wall is odd-the picture really is centered on it!)

Obviously this isn’t the project I posted about last week.  That one is not 100% done yet but I should have a post for you about it tomorrow!





A Tease

I have a project planned in my laundry room but before I could start I had to do some prep work.



This wall (between the two doors and above Henry’s food) has seen a lot of different decorations.



a coat rack



a wire picture hanger



and framed photos.

And that’s not even all of them!



Because so many different things have been hung on this wall it was in pretty bad shape.  So before I can put up anything new I have to patch all those holes.

(side note-the paint can in this picture is actually the ceiling color.  Even after several minutes of shaking and staring at the green paint on the front I still didn’t notice until I opened it up.  Oops!)

lr4See?  A lot of holes!



Once the spackle dried I put on a coat of paint (Valspar Birchwood White) and since I already had a wet paint brush and the paint was mixed I also went around and touched up all the places that have gotten dinged up over the last year.

Confession- Spiders LOVE my laundry room.  There are always at least 3 spindly guys hanging out on the ceiling in here and when they venture down low enough I smash them.  With the nearest, thickest soled shoe I can find.  Instead of wiping up the spider guts I leave them on the wall.  I believe that the smeared spider body on the wall serves as a warning to other spiders to stay away.  So, while all the supplies were out, I also painted over the smashed spiders (there were no chunks, fyi.)  That’s weird, right?



That view will be different by tomorrow night!

Some hints about this project:

1.  It’ll fill up that space

2.  It’ll be pretty and functional

3.  I’ll have to use my saw (yay!)

Can’t wait to hear your guesses!




I Got Nothin’

I haven’t measured for baseboards.

Or bought a rug for the kitchen.

Or drawn up ideas for my kitchen island.

Or planned anything for the shelves in my kitchen.

But I have binge read some blogs (this one tonight) and taken some pictures of tonight’s amazing sunset:



First it was all light an water colorey



and then it turned all dark and scary.

Hopefully that’s a sign that we’ll finally get a storm!

My mud backyard needs to freeze up again!


Small Projects

Since I finished my floor I haven’t been doing much around the house.  I’m gearing up for installing baseboards and painting my bathroom and saving my pennies for new tile in the bathroom.

Since I’ve just been puttering around the house I haven’t had much to blog about so I just gathered up some small projects to share with you today.

First, Henry’s dog food trunk needed some attention.



The hinge on one side popped loose and the top had gotten pretty dingy and gross.



I gave the top a quick coat of the same poly I used on the floors and then fixed the hinge.  Henry loves it.  At least, I think he does.



This morning I finally got around to cleaning the laundry room.  Do you ever put off a project because you think it’s going to be miserable and take forever?  That was this laundry room for me.  It was still covered in sawdust, tools and debris and I thought it was going to take me all day to clean.  As it turned out it only took me an hour to do which left me time to watch old episodes of Dateline.  I really like Dateline.

Finally, I decided I needed a new wreath.  I liked the silver one but I was ready for some color!



Man it feels good to finally get around to the little things!


Future Island Placement

Now I can’t stop thinking about a kitchen island.  My mom suggested that I build an island prototype out of cardboard but I couldn’t find any boxes big enough.

So I improvised.



Meet my new ottoman/laundry hamper island.  And excuse my (still) messy laundry room.



My first configuration was parallel to the stove.  This would be nice for a) prepping food near the fridge and stove and b) having another place to set hot things fresh off/out of the stove.

What I don’t like is that in order to be able to fully open the fridge I had to move it out past the cabinets around the stove.

So I tried a diagonal set up



This gave me plenty of room to walk around it and open the fridge and oven but I just didn’t like how it looked.



Not bad but it didn’t feel right.  I’m no Nicole Curtis but I want to keep my old house old.  This set up felt too modern and out of place.

This left me only one other option:

island7Parallel to the sink it is!  Plenty of room to maneuver around it while still able to open the fridge and oven.  Plus people can sit here and not feel like they’re in the way.



My only hesitation about the island was that I really have my heart set on some open shelves above where that chair is but I was worried that the fridge would have to go back there in order to make room for the island.  I also didn’t want to move the buffet out of the kitchen and, luckily, I won’t have to!

My first priorities in here are those shelves and baseboards so you’ll have to wait a little while to see this island in its finished form.  Until then, I’ll be walking around an ottoman and laundry basket!




Can’t Blog, Too Busy Pinning

Now that my kitchen floor is done I’m going to sit back and relax.  Maybe do some knitting, watch some cooking shows, take a brea-yeah right!

My dad suggested an island for my kitchen and now I’m obsessed with the idea.  So, naturally, I’m going crazy Googling and Pinning ideas like:



Colorful!  Open shelves!  Pretty legs!  (found here)



Ooooh that towel rack!  Butcher block! (found here)



Slatted shelves!  With baskets! (found here)

Of course I’ll also need these



and this



to tie the room together!



It has taken me 2.5 days to (mostly) clean 2 rooms.  On Friday my house looked like this.



and this



and this.

So, naturally, I decided to



bake cookies



and go thrift shopping (where I found that huge frame)



and cuddle with my (lap) dog.

Don’t worry though, I did get a lot done



Everything is moved back into the kitchen and everything is wiped down and ready to use.



And Prudie’s chair is in its new spot.



And the living room just needs to be de-clutterd and vacuumed.

Luckily that’ll be easy to do when I get off work tomorrow!