New Year, New Arrangement

When I was in college I rearranged my dorm room every month.  It was easier then since I only had one bed, one desk and one dresser.  I think I had every configuration my limited furniture and space could have.

In the year and a half I’ve had my house, I haven’t rearranged so when I took down the tree I decided to also move stuff around in the living room.


Of course, to clean you have to also make a mess!


I’m really ready for a couch that I can lay down on.  I’m determined to make that happen this year.  I know a couch wouldn’t fit where I had the loveseat before so I moved it around to the wall by the kitchen door.  This left the trunk hanging out alone in the middle of the room so I moved the dresser that was by the front door


next to the loveseat as a side table.


Then I took the legs off my DIY island and moved it back into the living room.  Since August I’ve learned that while I loved having an “island” in the kitchen, a big piece of furniture+filled to the brim+wheels+an old, slanty wood floor=an island that has a mind of its own.  I would roll it away from the wall to work on it and it would just keep rolling around.  Not awesome.


Plus its finish matches the dresser turned TV table and the dresser by the loveseat.  Hmmm, I have a thing for dressers, apparently.

I worked on this project (made a huge mess) last night until I just couldn’t stay awake any longer.  This afternoon I got everything put away and I’m loving this new arrangement!


(Now I just need to sand down the coffee table trunk and stain it darker to match.)


Henry seems to like it!

lr9Of course, the kitchen is a huge disaster and I’m running out of steam so it probably won’t get cleaned up tonight.  Good thing I had a big lunch today and can get away with just a bagel for dinner tonight!  I’m hoping to show you the changes in there tomorrow!



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