Stripping: Day Three

alternate title: Please Tell Me This is the Worst Part!

I’m tired.  So so so so tired.

But I got most of it done tonight.



In my “they say it’s not toxic” stripping haze I took a second to notice how the light from the living room streams in here.  I can’t wait until that light reflects off some pretty, new, smooth dark floors.  That hide all the water stains.  And that burn.



Don’t believe me that the floors were that bad?  They were.  All that grime, gross.



This picture finally shows the difference between the stripped and unstripped sections.  That patch in front of the stove is all I have left.  And I’m not doing it tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s a shopping day.


I’ve done a lot of research and have decided that this is the best product for the job.  Water based, ultimate scratch protection and two coats in one gallon.

Stain is another story.  I’ve gone Google crazy and have narrowed it down to two:

images                                   images

Jacobean and Dark Walnut from Minwax.

I’m not going to be able to test them on my floor which makes me nervous.  Please let the DIY gods be on my side!  From what I’ve read, a lot of people suggest using Jacobean if what you want is a dark walnut color.  What?!?!  Why not use Dark Walnut for that?  From what Google has shown me (and the teeny tiny samples in the store) the Dark Walnut isn’t a true brown.  It’s a little orangey, which I do not want.  As of right now I’m planning to go with one coat of Jacobean but that could change, depending on how much I Google tomorrow.

floor7See that?  That’s hours of work.  And a hurt knee.  And it looks terrible.

floor9That’s how it looks freshly cleaned with vinegar and water.  It doesn’t dry that nice but it does show me the areas that still need some work so I’ll be back at it on Thursday to finish up stripping.  Finally.






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