Picking The Stain Color

Last night I was talking to my dad about choosing a stain color for my floor.  He lives on the edge and said to just go for it.  There’s some concern about the thickness of my floors so we’re trying to sand it only as much as we need to so he recommended not testing the colors on my floor to avoid an extra sanding.  I agree with him in that I really don’t want anything bad to happen to these floors that have been in this house for 107 years but I was really stressing over picking a color.

After yesterday’s post my friend Mandy said that she really likes Minwax Jacobean.  Since I trust her judgement I decided to just go with it.  Then this afternoon my dad presented me with a piece of oak that we thought, hoped, might, kind of, if we’re lucky, might closely resemble my floors.

I picked up a small can of Jacobean and figured that if I didn’t like it, I could always test out some other colors.



So I put on a glove.  One.  Don’t ask me why.  I blame sleep deprivation from this new schedule.



On the left is the stain applied heavily, allowed to sit for a few seconds and then wiped off.  The middle is just one coat, applied lightly and immediately wiped off and on the right is two coats.

I really love the first one but wanted to make sure I knew exactly how many seconds to let it sit.  I’m a little OCD.



This was applied so a little stain remained on top of the wood, allowed to sit for 15 seconds and wiped off.  It’s the winner.



Once it dried I propped it up between the cabinets and stove to see how I felt about it.  The (little bit of) trim that I have in this room is already white so I plan to paint the baseboards white too (ahem, when I finally get to that.)  You might look at this picture and be unsure but let me tell you, in person, this color makes everything in here look better.  The cabinets look richer and the white whiter.

I’m so glad that I was able to test this.  Now I’m confident that I have the right color and all these hours of scraping won’t be ruined by a color I’m not totally in love with.



I also picked this up today.  It’s not the same one that I showed you last night.  I blame sleep deprivation.  From this new schedule.  You know.  This is the one I wanted because it seems to be a bit tougher than other polys.  Or so the reviewers say.  I went with semi-gloss because I wanted it to be shiny but not too shiny.  And not matte.  What’s up with that trend?  I think a shiny floor just looks clean.  As long as it is clean, that is.  😉

I’m taking a break from scraping tonight and going to a new book club.  It’ll be nice to give my hands and knees a break and I’m glad that I have only a small section of floor to do tomorrow night.  I really can’t wait to move to the sanding step!  The stripping removed more damage and grime than I expected so I’m hoping most of what’s left will sand out!

I hope you’re not sick of hearing about my floors.  They’re a big deal to me-this is the biggest project I’ve tackled (so far) on my own.



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