Stripping: Day 4

Have you ever been knee deep into a project and thought, “I have made a huge mistake!”?



Yeah, I’m there now.

I keep telling myself that it’ll get better.  That this has to be the worst part.  That I haven’t made an enormous mistake and ruined my floors.




Already past the point of no return, I finished stripping the floor today.



While I’m glad it’s all done I’m getting more and more nervous about how this is all going to work out.  What if I did all this work and mess up the stain?  What if I get bubbles or dog hair or dust in the top coat?

Maybe I need wine and a bath.








There are still some spots that could use a little scraping and I’ll probably get them as I see them but I have no plans to spend hours on the floor again tonight.

Tomorrow my mom and I are hanging up plastic and getting everything ready for sanding on Saturday.  And the moment of truth.




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