Preparing to Sand

That’s right, tomorrow’s the big day!  We’ll finally find out exactly how damaged these floors are (or aren’t!)  My mom and I spent about an hour today wrapping my cabinets in plastic so we can be ready to sand in the morning.  It felt like Christmas.



The first thing we had to do was move everything out of here.  I moved most stuff into the guest room and put the rest inside the cabinets or stacked on the stove.  Don’t worry, I stashed a bottle of wine in the fridge just in case.



I don’t think I’ve ever cussed on this blog but that ends today, sorry.  Moving the fridge into the living room was a pain in the ass.  It was just a hair too wide to fit through the door way so we had to turn it sideways and push it though with the doors open without spilling all the food out.  Thankfully we got it into the living room without scratching anything or losing any food.

Then we had to get the buffet out around it.



Now my living room looks like this and surprisingly I don’t care.  I really can’t believe that in only a couple of days this project will be done!



The cabinets are all covered and plastic is cut to hang in the doorways in the morning.  We were going to cover them tonight but I thought they’d just come down with me and Henry walking through them all night.  The vents will be covered in the morning too.

You know what else is covered?  The light switch.  Luckily it’s in the on position and I think I’ll just leave it rather than undo the tape-I’ll just be turning it on again in the morning.

The plan is to meet to pick up the sander at 8:00 AM and head back to my house to get started.  I have my parents’ favorite drinks in the fridge and hours of research into this in my brain-I don’t think there’s anything we can do to be any more ready!

My hope is to show you sanded and stained floors tomorrow night (my dad thinks this is ambitious) and I hope you’re excited!



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