Staining: Day 2

I was pretty discouraged with the stain last night (even after the second coat.)  I really hoped that when I woke up today I wouldn’t notice all the things that bothered me last night.  That wasn’t the case.

The second coat of stain  did help but I still wasn’t happy with the coverage.  I went back to Google and found that some people have had luck evening out the color with mineral spirits so I filled up a bucket and mopped on a layer.  I found that this worked really well as long as I used long, even, straight strokes.  If I plopped the mop down too hard or picked it up too quickly it would leave a mark.  I also couldn’t hesitate as I was dragging the mop across the floor or it would cause the liquid to pool on all sides of the mop.  I’m making this sound complicated though, really it isn’t!



This was after two coats of stain and one “mopping” with the mineral spirits.  I let that first coat dry for several hours and then looked at it again.  I decided that one more coat wouldn’t hurt so I went for it.



In the picture above you can see how the mineral spirits change the look of the floor.  The top half, by the wall, has a fresh coat on it and the bottom half is dry.  I’m obsessed with how these floors look when they’re wet.  They’re a perfect, browner version of what was there originally.  My hope is the semi-gloss poly will have the same effect on the floors and make them always look wet.



See what I mean?

And just so you don’t think I’m all perfect (ha!) keep in mind that when I did the first mopping at 6 AM today I forgot to lock Prudie up and she walked across the wet floor and she got an early morning paw wash to keep her feet from turning black.

Also, this:



After mopping on the second coat today I turned back and took a picture (with flash.)  Check out that one tiny spot I missed all the way across the room.  I’m so glad this wasn’t the poly!

I’m not doing another dang thing to this floor for at least 24 hours.  No more stain, no more mopping!  Now I need to let it dry out completely so we can apply the first coat of poly tomorrow!



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