Final Step: Applying Polyurethane

Holy cow, this is it.  This project has taken me just over a week and tonight it’ll be done!

Remember I spent four days stripping the old stainone day preparing to sanda day sanding and staining and  a second day trying to fix the stain which leads me to today and three coats of polyurethane!



I stuck with this poly and so far I’ve been very pleased.  The dry time is as advertised and I was able to do three coats tonight.  The smell isn’t offensive and it’s super easy to apply.  Win-win-win!



It goes on milky which I really like.  I’m confident that we didn’t miss any spots because it’s so easy to see if you do.



Even before it was dry I knew I was going to love my floors.  Yes they’re imperfect.  Yes, I could have been obsessive and sanded all those areas I missed.  But I don’t care.





I put the second coat of poly on just under two hours after I did the first.  We used a brush to get the edges and a foam roller to do everything else.  See that reflection in the bottom right of the picture?  You can see the texture from the roller.  I bit my nails when I saw this but now that it’s dry, you can’t see it.  I ❤ self leveling poly!



This is the most accurate picture (colorwise) I’ve gotten of the floor.  This is after two coats and I’m just so happy!  There was a moment this week when I was sure I had ruined these priceless floors but now I know that I didn’t!



Look at those reflections!  And this is just two coats!



Here she is after the third (and final!) coat.



And just for fun, let’s look at a before:

floor collage


(these are all from the same section of floor in front of my stove)

the beginning, after sanding and refinished

Seeing the beginning makes me love the finished product even more!

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you how the floor looks dried and I’ll give you a budget breakdown.  And then we won’t talk about floors until I do my living room.  Or put in new tile in my bathroom.  Or rip up that Pergo…



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