A Finished Floor, a Dirty House and a Budget Breakdown

Thankfully, my floor looks the same today as it did yesterday.  Whew!



I’ve been looking for a large area rug to go in the middle of the floor and a matching runner to put in front of the sink.  The blue runner is on loan from the hallway to pick up moisture (I’m looking at you Henry) from the snow rain we got today.  I’m sure there will come a point when I’m not crazy about wiping up ever drop that hits this floor but, for now I’m I’m running behind Henry wiping his feet with a towel before his paws can hit my precious floor!

I’m almost as happy with the budget as I am with the floors!

My goal was to get this project done for under $500.

My starting budget was:

Sander rental (three days) $120

Sandpaper: $80

Stain: $10

Poly: $33

Stripper: $12

Plastic (to wrap the cabinets and doorways): $40

Misc tools: $50

Total: $345

And I spent:

Sander rental (1/2 day): $25 (woohoo!)

Sandpaper: $49

Stain: $9

Poly: $33

Stripper: $34

Plastic: $20

Misc tools: $24

Mineral Spirits: $16


That’s right.  Under $200 to breathe new life into these floors!  Can you believe it??

Obviously I did my research before I made my budget-I think I over estimated how much of each supply I was going to need.  For example, I thought I would need a lot more plastic to cover the cabinets and I thought we would need the sander for days instead of hours.

The only thing I under estimated was the stripper.  I found that a thicker application worked better so I had to go back for a big, big bottle instead of the big one I originally bought.

So, will I do it again?  I’m not sure.  The living room needs to be done but I may use a different technique.  The floor in there isn’t in bad shape and just needs to be darkened to flow with the kitchen and it needs some poly to shine it up again.  When I thought my floor was ruined my dad did some research and found that an oil based gel stain might even everything out.  Apparently the gel stain can be applied over finished wood and then sealed so I’m going to do more research and look at that as a possible way to finish my living room floors without sanding.

As for me and my pets?



We’re happy to finally be back at home.  I’ve been staying at my parents’ house while everything dried and while Henry spends a lot of time there, Prudie hasn’t been back there since we moved out more than a year ago.

My house is still a disaster



and my living room is crowded with my buffet



Oh yeah, and the fridge.

The poly needs to cure for 7 days before I move any furniture on to it so I’ll be living with a crowded living room for the next several days.  The messy laundry room and dust on everything though?  That’s just exhaustion.  I’ll do a little bit each night until it’s done and live with chaos and dust until then so if you want to come visit my pretty new floor, call first.  😉




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