Future Island Placement

Now I can’t stop thinking about a kitchen island.  My mom suggested that I build an island prototype out of cardboard but I couldn’t find any boxes big enough.

So I improvised.



Meet my new ottoman/laundry hamper island.  And excuse my (still) messy laundry room.



My first configuration was parallel to the stove.  This would be nice for a) prepping food near the fridge and stove and b) having another place to set hot things fresh off/out of the stove.

What I don’t like is that in order to be able to fully open the fridge I had to move it out past the cabinets around the stove.

So I tried a diagonal set up



This gave me plenty of room to walk around it and open the fridge and oven but I just didn’t like how it looked.



Not bad but it didn’t feel right.  I’m no Nicole Curtis but I want to keep my old house old.  This set up felt too modern and out of place.

This left me only one other option:

island7Parallel to the sink it is!  Plenty of room to maneuver around it while still able to open the fridge and oven.  Plus people can sit here and not feel like they’re in the way.



My only hesitation about the island was that I really have my heart set on some open shelves above where that chair is but I was worried that the fridge would have to go back there in order to make room for the island.  I also didn’t want to move the buffet out of the kitchen and, luckily, I won’t have to!

My first priorities in here are those shelves and baseboards so you’ll have to wait a little while to see this island in its finished form.  Until then, I’ll be walking around an ottoman and laundry basket!





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