A Tease

I have a project planned in my laundry room but before I could start I had to do some prep work.



This wall (between the two doors and above Henry’s food) has seen a lot of different decorations.



a coat rack



a wire picture hanger



and framed photos.

And that’s not even all of them!



Because so many different things have been hung on this wall it was in pretty bad shape.  So before I can put up anything new I have to patch all those holes.

(side note-the paint can in this picture is actually the ceiling color.  Even after several minutes of shaking and staring at the green paint on the front I still didn’t notice until I opened it up.  Oops!)

lr4See?  A lot of holes!



Once the spackle dried I put on a coat of paint (Valspar Birchwood White) and since I already had a wet paint brush and the paint was mixed I also went around and touched up all the places that have gotten dinged up over the last year.

Confession- Spiders LOVE my laundry room.  There are always at least 3 spindly guys hanging out on the ceiling in here and when they venture down low enough I smash them.  With the nearest, thickest soled shoe I can find.  Instead of wiping up the spider guts I leave them on the wall.  I believe that the smeared spider body on the wall serves as a warning to other spiders to stay away.  So, while all the supplies were out, I also painted over the smashed spiders (there were no chunks, fyi.)  That’s weird, right?



That view will be different by tomorrow night!

Some hints about this project:

1.  It’ll fill up that space

2.  It’ll be pretty and functional

3.  I’ll have to use my saw (yay!)

Can’t wait to hear your guesses!





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