To Do List Chalkboard

Earlier this week I told you I was working on something for the blank wall in my living room.


I went to Lowe’s and bought a 2′ by 4′ piece of plywood and three narrow boards


and a can of Valspar’s tintable chalkboard paint.

Do you see where I’m going with this?


I have to admit that initially I was disappointed that I couldn’t choose the color to tint the chalkboard paint.  I knew I didn’t want black and I originally thought I’d do a dark blue but I didn’t love the blue option they had.  Then I saw this brown.  It’s called leather chair and I can’t think of a more perfect name for this color.  Dried it’s a perfect shade of brown.  Not too yellow or grey, just brown.  And it turns out that’s exactly what I didn’t know I wanted.

The plywood got 4 coats of paint.  That was probably overkill but that was as much paint as I had in my little tray.


Once it was dry I centered it on the wall and attached it with several screws.


Then the fronts and edges got painted white.  I used Wal Mart exterior because that’s what I had.


I was a little eager the night before and tried to hang the frame pieces up before they were totally dry.  (Notice the white paint on the chalkboard)  So, I set them back out to really dry and decided to finish them up Saturday morning.

Sure enough, once they were dry the boards went up easy.  I did the top and bottom first


and then did the sides.  Truth, this is the first thing I measured and cut by myself.  Well, technically the shelves in my bathroom were the first thing I cut but that was just cutting a board in half.

I need more practice cutting things, obviously.  I measured these three times and the only thing I can think went wrong is that I must have cut on the inside edge of the line rather than the outside.  Or I suck at measuring.


Luckily, it wasn’t anything a little caulk couldn’t fix.


Oh man I love this!  The can said that the paint needed to cure for 24 hours so while I waited I scoured my house for items to put around the chalkboard and used the star that used to be in my kitchen, a couple As,  a quote I love and an award I won in college.


Once it was cured I used the side of a piece of chalk and covered the whole chalkboard.  It was at this point it occurred to be that I could have just ruined a day’s worth of work.


I wiped the whole thing down and decided to go with it.

I have a million things I want to do to my house and sometimes I get overwhelmed and waste money and time on little projects rather than spending them on projects that really will have an impact on how I live in my house.

I thought of a couple of ways I could do this-make a giant list of everything I want to do, tackle one room at a time and finish it or divide the year into chunks and make lists for each of those chunks.

As you can see (writing on this board is hard!  I really should have sanded first!) I went with chunks.

I tried to choose projects that made sense for each season.  Basically, inside projects when it’s cold outside and outside projects when it’s warm miserably hot.  I was probably too ambitious with my list but I was just so excited!

I’m sure things will get done sooner or later than originally planned but having then up on a wall I walk past several times a day will (hopefully) keep me on track with getting projects done!



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