My Mantel

It all started with a trip to a thrift store.  As I was searching through the picture frames I came across a huge window.  Originally I thought I’d put a collage of pictures in it but it was really heavy!  So heavy that I was worried that it wouldn’t stay on the wall and while it was cheap ($5) I really didn’t want to deal with a broken window in the house.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying it!

Once I got it into the house I carried it around looking for a spot to put it


and I landed on the mantel.


While I liked that big frame, it just wasn’t right for this picture so I wasn’t sad to take it down.



Then I felt like this wall wasn’t balanced so I rounded up some frames and pictures and put them up to the right of the fireplace.  (that green frame won’t stay, it’s just a place holder until I find a black one.)



Then I added a framed letter to the mirror, scrap of wall paper and picture of my dad.



I bought 10 of these frames about a year ago from Target.  The price was right, even if the color wasn’t.



Since it was gorgeous outside today I set up an area to spray paint in the back yard and these got two coats of oil rubbed bronze.



Then above the fireplace I made a little sign.

I really thought that everyone had perfect penmanship and could freehand signs like this.  After some Googling I discovered the trick:



Chalk.  I printed out what I wanted on my sign, turned it over and rubbed chalk all over the back of the paper, flipped it back over and traced the letters.  Seriously, so easy.  Then I just filled in the letters with craft paint.

mantel7Once the frames were dry I filled them with pictures of me and my friends.  My criteria for picking pictures:  everyone in the picture had to look good and it had to be horizontal.



And then it was done!





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