Little Projects

I have a lot of things I want to get done.  And now I have this:



But I am also having car problems.  The check engine light is on in my 13 year old (190,000 mile) Jeep.  I love my Jeep.  I also love not having a car payment or high registration fees.  But I also know that my years with my beloved car are numbered.   I have an appointment to take it in on Monday where I’ll find out if this is a $1000 fix or not.  Basically me (and my finances) are in a holding pattern until I know how much money I’m going to be out.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be an easy fix that will leave me room in my budget for baseboards and shelves.

While I’m waiting for the verict on my car, I have been doing little things around the house like



New silver platters above my vegetable print

ls2Used some tape to figure out spacing for shelves in my kitchen.  Note, I did not use my level to hang these (don’t worry dad) but I am happy with the spacing.  Before the car problems I did buy 6 of these, luckily they didn’t break the bank!



And finally, this.  That’s right.  A puncturevine has not only survived, but has burst through the landscaping fabric and is growing.  In freaking February!  So, I again splurged and bought these.  I have a bunch of heavy duty black plastic leftover from my floor refinishing that I plan to put down as soon as those suckers come in!

Even if I end up having to pay to replace the expensive part, I should still be able to at least do one project and because I have that new toy, you can trust that I’ll be tackling those baseboards!

I may not have much to post over the next few days but I promise I’ll be back soon with an outdoor project (in freaking February!) and some project in the kitchen!



2 thoughts on “Little Projects

  1. I just put 3000 ugly dollars into my 9 year old Mazda with 156000 miles which I’m trying to make do with like your Jeep. I hope your estimate is a reasonable price and your wheels keep putting along. On another subject, WEEDS! Yuk, how dare they, who do they think they are?! Lucky for me weeds are in Charlie’s department at our house. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • The Jeep is in the shop now…fingers are crossed for a cheap and easy fix!

      Luckily I have a mother nearby who loves gardening and she helps me tackle the weeds. If they were solely my responsibility it would never get done!

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