Kitchen Shelves

That’s right everyone-I finished something!

But before I show you how awesome they look, let me show you some changes I made to my to do list chalkboard:


I wasn’t happy with how chalk wrote on this board so I bought these.  Rather than breaking it down by season, I just made a big huge list of things I want to get done.  Some probably won’t happen this year but I thought I’d be ambitious!


Oh, and I added things that were in progress, knowing they’d get checked off quickly.  There’s nothing quite as motivating as feeling like you’re getting stuff done!

So, since that’s checked, check out the process I took to get these shelves up.

I got the brackets up earlier in the week (they’re these)


and then I got a 1x12x8 board from Lowe’s and cut it into thirds.


Then each board got f o u r  coats of white, semi-gloss paint.


and then I put all my crap on them.


Cake plates on the top shelf, canisters on the second (I’m planning on switching to all glass) and wine and mixers on the last one.  After looking at these pictures I realized I didn’t put my cookbooks up there so now I need to go round those up.  These three shelves cleared off the top of my buffet and a whole section of my counter top.  And they look pretty.

I’m sure I’ll add more to these shelves, you know, as I get more wine decorations.

I have two more days off before I have to go back to work so I’m planning on making a big push to finish painting in the bathroom before Monday.  Maybe by then I’ll be in love with the color.



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