Bathroom Picture Ledge

Yesterday I finished painting my bathroom and started a small project that capped off the bead board I put up almost a year ago.  You may remember that I really wanted to put a ledge across the top of the bead board but it was too wide and wouldn’t allow the door to open.  Whoops!

The bead board has been finished enough for the last year but yesterday (after tripping over my compressor for the millionth time) I realized that adding some trim would be the perfect first project for my nail gun.



I went to the lumber yard in town and picked up a piece of trim that was at least 2″ wide (this is 2 1/4″) and not too thick (you know, so the door would open.)  I found the perfect piece for $5.  $5!

First, I’d like to note that I cut that piece of trim down…to the perfect length.  I’m getting better!

After FIVE phone calls to my dad I finally figured out how to use my nail gun and hang this sucker up!



It was easy peasy and SO.MUCH.FUN!



If you look at that picture closely, you can see that I got a little overzealous with the nails.  I just couldn’t stop.  So I had to fill a lot of holes.



I painted it in semi-gloss white because I learned my lesson.



And I gave the bead board, door and trim a new coat of paint too.

I know it’s hard to tell but this creates a little ledge to set things on.



I can’t put anything too wide up there but I’m happy that I can move stuff around without putting a million holes in the wall.

Over the weekend I picked up three picture frames ($12.99 each, down from $45.99, score!) from Michael’s and thought I’d hang all three up on this wall.  It turned out that three were a little too crowded so I just used two.



I used pictures I’ve taken on vacations and blew them up at Wal-Mart to 11×14 for less than $6 each.  bp5


That one is of the Kilauea Lighthouse in Kauai



And that one’s from somewhere along the Oregon Coast.

I wanted pictures that A) I took and B) were of the ocean but not overly beachy.

I have yet another project to do in here and I’m waiting for my new shower curtain to come in and then I’ll be done with Phase I of my bathroom redo.



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