All About That Base*

(*credit to my mother for that title!)

If you asked me right now to take a ring to Mount Doom to destroy it, I would do it.

And if you told me that there was a virus going around that turned people into zombies, I wouldn’t care.

Let’s go skydiving, climb Mount Everest or run a marathon.

Because today, I’m unstoppable!



Today I put up baseboards in my hallway and most of my kitchen.  I cut every piece (to the right size every time!) and nailed them up there!



As you can see, I wasn’t too careful when I was staining because I knew it would all be covered by the baseboards.



I figured I’d start here and work into the hallway.  It was a lot of cuts but a less visible area so I thought it would be a good place to practice my cutting and nailing.



The living room and my bedroom and bathroom still have the original baseboards so I used boards of the same width and just butted them up against each other at the corners, like they did with the original ones.



These walls were rough at the bottoms, but not any more!



You can also see how uneven the floors are.  I’m not worrying about it.  There are some gaps at the tops due to wavy walls and some gaps along the bottom due to slanty floors.  But I don’t care!



I worked my way around the kitchen, skipping the two corners that meet at weird angles.  I’ll come back to those once I have a way to measure the angle.



I wasn’t sure about what to do in these spots by the cabinets.  My saw won’t cut out a notch for the wood baseboard to go under the toe kick



so I’m going to fill in that gap with more base cove.



Can you believe how good that looks?!?  I did that!



I filled in all the holes and started painting tonight.  Because I have it on hand, I’m using white semi-gloss.  I know that I should have painted it before I installed it but the weather today has been iffy and I didn’t want to risk having them outside during a snow storm.  They’re going to take a couple of coats and then I’ll caulk around the edges to fill in the gaps.

In addition to all of that, I have stain drying on some shelves for the bathroom and a brand spanking new rug on my kitchen floor so stay tuned- this is going to be a good week!




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