Bathroom Baseboards

I just can’t stop.  I spent all day today doing this:



That’s right, after doing baseboards in the hall and most of the kitchen (stupid geometry) I had enough left to do baseboards in the bathroom.



(sorry about that floor)



That section between the sink and wall was awful!  I couldn’t fit the nail gun in there to secure the long piece so I used the small piece at the end to hold up the long piece.  Make sense?  And seriously, caulk is amazing.  That huge gap in the corner was easily covered up!

I also put some shelves up over the toilet.



I used these brackets and boards stained with some left over Jacobean stain.

I think normally these shelves would be centered over the toilet but the toilet isn’t centered on that wall and I think that would have looked weird, so I didn’t do that.



Extra hand towel, a lantern, sea glass and a candle



Ikea candle sticks (from the living room) and toilet paper.

Extra storage, easy and pretty!

Now I just need that dang shower curtain to get here so I can show you the whole room!



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