Bathroom, Phase I: Complete!

When I moved into my house the bathroom was purple:



Then it was blue



And now it’s purple again.

And Phase I is complete!

bathroom Collage

New paint, check

Baseboards, check

Bead board, check

(tile in the surround and the floor will be a couple of months down the road)

So now my bathroom looks like this:



The rope mirror is by the door



And I have a new basket for my small products for guests to use



And that shower curtain!



EXACTLY what I wanted!



In pictures it’s looking kind of brown but in real life it’s grey.  And perfect!



Once the baseboard was painted I caulked all the edges and figured that since my hands were already messy, I’d go a head and caulk around the door trim and down the seam where the bead board met the trim.




It’s amazing how something so cheap (less than $3 for a tube of it) and easy (seriously, so simple!) can make such a big difference!

I spent under $100 on this project, including paint, trim for the picture ledge, picture frames, printing the pictures, wood for the baseboards, the shower curtain and all the decorative items- a small amount for such a huge change!

And to think, at one point this room looked like this:


: )



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