What I Got Done

Yesterday I showed you what I wanted to get done this weekend.  Here’s what happened:

On my very ambitious weekend to do list are:





1.  Extend the base cove around those corners to meet up with the base boards





Done!  Instead of the base cove though, I cut some smaller squares from some scraps I had left over from the baseboards.  I like this so much more!



2.  Finally cut the pieces of base board by my front door.  I say finally because they have been sitting there, leaning against the wall since we (my dad) put in the new door….the first week I bought my house.



Yes!  Nobody will ever notice that I did this but I’m sure e v e r y o n e noticed when they were just leaning against the wall!



3.  And completing the base board trifecta: put the base boards back up in the living room.  They’ve been sitting in my shed since I took them down.

Not done but I really tried!  More on that tomorrow!

side note: remember when we took them down?  Let me remind you:



Ahhh, I miss those days.  Okay, I don’t, but I do miss those base boards!



4.  Clean up and recover these thrift store chairs.  $15 each but in need of some TLC.



This is 3/4 done.  Both chairs got cleaned up but only this one got recovered.  : (


5.  Touch up paint in the kitchen.  I’ve had that stain hand print on the wall since I redid my floor.

This did get done!  I didn’t take a picture though because now it’s just a green wall and I didn’t think it would be that exciting.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with myself!  I did all of that plus I painted some baseboards, started preparing my planters for…planting and cleaned up around the house!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with an update on those living room base boards!




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