My day started out like this:

planter1And ended like this:

planter10My plan was to build railings around my front stairwell, trellises for my clematis, and some raised beds.

Guess which ones got done.

Raised Beds inside the look of this!!! And the Dogs would stay out of the flowers when they are running!

(from Better Homes and Gardens)

I used that one as my inspiration but decided to use cedar so my beds would match the planters my dad built.  

I knew I wanted at least 2 so while I was at Lowe’s today I picked up more of the cedar fence pickets that he used.


I decided that three pickets wide made the perfect height and that I would have the planters be 6 feet long so I wouldn’t have to cut any of the boards for the front.

planter4I had the other boards behind my shed-I like how weathered and worn they are and thought the contrast with the shiny new cedar boards would be nice.  Since I was using the supports on the outside I was able to just put those dog eared corners to the back and not spend the extra steps cutting them off.

I know right now you’re doubting me but don’t worry!

planter5I put one board on each end and one in the middle to keep the front together.  Then I used one picket, cut into thirds, for each side.  The plain edges were screwed into the front panel and I put another board for stability on the end of the side piece.

I didn’t put a back on because they’re going up against the fence and I thought a back was pointless.

planter6Because I wanted this planter against the back fence I had to dig out a little trench to put one end in.  The fact that I live on a hill isn’t usually noticeable in the backyard but the big gap around the bottom edge wasn’t pretty.  I also started putting down a little border of flagstone just to make weed eating and mowing easier.

planter7I made the second one the same way except put a strip of plastic across the back.  This one’s going against the fence I share with my neighbors and I didn’t want dirt and water to pour through the cracks in the fence into their yard.  I’m thoughtful like that.

planter8These two planters were less than $15 a piece and only took about an hour to make so I’m thinking I might do a few more…after I get all those other projects done!



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