It’s Sunday and the dirt under my nails, piles of sawdust in my backyard and snoring dog tell me that this has been a successful weekend!

henry1See?  He’s so tired he doesn’t care that he’s half on the bed and half off.

Poor guy had to guard the front yard, backyard and house today!

outside4That’s my house from last summer.  It’s not terrible but also not awesome.  I want awesome!

So on my trip to Lowe’s yesterday I picked up some lumber to make trellises for both sides of the door.

trellis1I had a general idea of what I wanted to make and being the expert beginner carpenter that I am, I figured I’d just wing it.  Luckily, this time it worked!

I started out cutting all the pieces for the frames first.

trellis2Then I made the frames.  I had the stakes on hand and thought it would be easier to just use them rather than make little pointy legs myself.

trellis3I needed some braces for support and, you know, so it would actually be a trellis rather than just a big frame.  I wanted a little interest (and to practice some mitered cuts) so I went with this.  I’m going to see how it goes this year-that might not be enough for the clematis to climb up so if it’s not, I’ll add more for next year.

trellis4Not too shabby!  (never mind the other nails there, this board was re-purposed from something else)

trellis5Both trellises got a coat of white exterior paint which dried in no time thanks to today’s gorgeous weather!

trellis6I made a little bed to the right of the door with some bricks left over from making the patio.  I also relocated the flower from the other bed to one of the big pots on my patio.

trellis7Hello little baby clematis!

trellis9I cleaned up the bed to the left of the door and took out the railroad ties and also used bricks on this side to border the bed.  I read that I shouldn’t trim back the clematis so I didn’t last fall.  Now it’s a jumbled mess around that little trellis and since it’s already greening up I didn’t want to mess with it.  I think next year I’ll cut it back and remove the old trellis but this year I’ll just live with it.

trellis10The trellises are just over 5 feet tall, which may not be tall enough.  I figure that this will be a good learning year.  If they’re too short, I’ll add longer legs for next year.

The only thing I didn’t get done this weekend is the project for the front stairs and right now, I’m so tired that I don’t even care!  Since I still have the lumber for it, I may work on it in the evenings after work but don’t hold your breath-they probably won’t get done until next weekend!



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