It was almost 70º here today so I ran out after work and grabbed a bag of fertilizer.  I threw it down on the front yard and then watered.  That grass was drrrrrryyyyyy!

plants2The irises my mom planted last fall are doing well, despite not having been watered this year (until yesterday.)  Check out that cracking dirt.

plants4This guy came back from last year….growing in the only clump of grass in the front yard.  Once it dies it’ll get mowed down and I’ll forget about it until next Spring.  I love surprises!

plants7I also MOWED today!  While I’m grateful for this stretch of grass, it’s the area of my yard that I have spent the absolute least amount of time on….and it’s by far the nicest.  Sigh.

plants9Then with this storm looming I threw fertilizer down in the backyard


noticed some leaves coming out on the apple tree

plants12and ran inside.

That was an hour ago and it still hasn’t rained….


*I wish I could take credit for how clever that is


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