Last year I talked a lot about my tree lawn.

You can catch up on what happened in 2014 in this post where I introduce you to my puncturevines and in this one where I tried to kill everything.  Then I finally finished laying down the fabric and finally, this is how it looked last fall.

Remember how thick those weeds were?


It was like waking across a carpet of nails.

While the fabric didn’t kill everything, it kept most of the puncturevines away.

treelawn1Some weeds crept out at the edges and I really can’t think of anyway to keep that from happening.  I may resort to poison to get those sneaky ones that find a way out from under the landscape fabric.

Last year’s fabric did its job but I wanted another layer.

When we sanded my kitchen floors I bought thick black plastic to cover the cabinets with the plan to reuse the plastic out here.


It’s really thick and easier to work with than the landscaping fabric was.  It doesn’t tear and it’s heavier so I’m hoping that fewer holes and tears will help my cause.  I also ran it the opposite way-side to side rather than lengthwise and it was much easier!


It’s also so much darker!  Leaning over it, even though today was fairly cool, felt like standing right in front of a fire.  Hopefully it’ll be that hot (or hotter!) underneath and really fry all those seeds!


Of course, nothing ever goes as planned around here and instead of running out of plastic, I ran out of pins to keep it in the ground.  I ordered a bunch of heavy duty ones from Amazon and thought I’d have plenty but noooooo.  So, those lighter spots around the stumps will get covered this weekend….as long as Wal-Mart has some pins.  Dang!

I also have tons of those flagstones around my house and I think I’m just going to fill this area with them.  My plan is to start at the edges and then just fill it in.  Maybe that will keep some of these creepers from getting out the edges!

While working on this project I spent a lot of time staring at the post that my mailbox is on.  It wasn’t pretty.  It was rusty and spotted.  While I wanted to paint it a pretty aqua color, (I still may!) I went with oil rubbed bronze since I already had it on hand.

mailboxCan you tell?  I should have painted it aqua, right?

This will probably be the first of many posts about the tree lawn this year but if we’re all lucky, it’ll be more about making it pretty an less about trying to kill everything.



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